A Dogs Life

A Dog's Life cover by Georgina ChaddertonA Dog’s Life is a bittersweet anthropomorphic slice-of-life comic by Georgina Chadderton (AKA George Rex Comics). Get to know best pals Petey and Harper as they spend a day together negotiating the supermarket toilet paper aisle, discussing body hair and reminiscing at the Botanic Gardens. But in a day of perfect conversation, there’s one topic neither girl wants to confront…

Originally created as a 24-hour comic in B&W, this print edition is in full colour. A Dog’s Life is Georgina’s third 24-hour comic (following her Ledger Award-shortlisted Harry Potter and my Childhood Obsession and D&D-inspired Let’s Roll), and the first to be published by Amplified Press.

Harper and Petey will chat their way into your heart, and then break it.

Written, drawn and coloured by Georgina Chadderton (George Rex).

Rated G for all audiences.

Genre: Slice of life, anthropomorphic
Size: A5
Page count: 24 pages plus covers
Full colour interior pages and covers

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