Poster Girls / Cheating Fate (2-in-1 comic)

Two stories in one book!

Poster Girls is a charming “petite comic about friendship” that centres on 20-something Dot and how she copes when her best friend Edie moves to Canberra. It’s a warm, heartfelt tale with a magic realism twist.

And when you’ve finished reading that gem, turn the book over and read the second story!

Cheating Fate is the story of high school student Patrick, his best friend Lisa, and his nightly dreams of a strange box that appears to predict who is going to die. But are the dreams a premonition or the cause?

This two-in-one book was originally produced for subscribers to the Minicomic Of The Month Club, but is now available to the wider public.

Poster Girls: Written, drawn and grey-toned by Georgina Chadderton (aka George Rex Comics).
Cheating Fate: Written, drawn and screen-toned by Owen Heitmann.

Poster Girls: Rated G for all audiences.
Cheating Fate: Contains the word ‘shit’, whoops.

Genre: Magic realism, dramedy
Size: 12.5cm x 21cm
Page count: 28 pages plus covers
Greyscale/B&W interior pages and covers

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