Bleak Tales

Written, drawn and coloured by Owen Heitmann (with Sarah Milne)

Rated G for all audiences

Genre: Anthology, drama, folktale, war, crime
Size: A5
Page count: 20 pages plus covers
Full colour interior pages and covers

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Introducing Bleak Tales: six full-colour comics to make you feel blue!

This collection of short comics explores the morbid and downbeat side of Owen Heitmann’s art. With each page turn, you’ll be transported to a world of despair, where the characters are haunted by their pasts, thwarted by fate, and plagued by their own inner demons.

The stories in Bleak Tales originally appeared in black-and-white in various anthologies, including international publications that had little or no distribution in Australia. They have all been revised and newly coloured for this publication, with each story coloured in a different style to suit its content.

“The Snow Child” (written by Sarah Milne) is based on a Russian folktale and was originally published in Once Upon A Time…, eds. Jeri Weaver & Jayleen Weaver, Gurukitty Studios (Canada).

“Letter From Home” is a tough-minded, cynical story that evokes vintage war comics and was first published in Tango Nine: Love And War, ed. Bernard Caleo, Cardigan Comics (Australia).

“Gazpacho” is a crime story with a twist, first published in 2017 Ledger Awards Annual, ed. Bruce Mutard, Fabliaux (Australia).

“The Guests” is a macabre story about family that was originally published in 5×5 Fall 2011 issue, ed. Bradley Wonder, 5×5 (USA).

“Feed The Fire, Fan The Flames” is a brief exploration of psychological horror. An earlier version appeared in Something Weird Quarterly issue 2, ed. Troy Kealley, Local Act Comics (Australia).

“Forty Three Percent” is a doleful mood piece about the end of a relationship. It was first published in Excitement Machine #7, eds. Ben Vistoli & Tristan Mahoney, Excitement Machine (Australia).

Bleak Tales is a companion of sorts to Odd Shorts, a previous collection by Owen Heitmann (with Anna Jeavons) that showcases quirkier, oddball comics.

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