Fist Full Of Comics (volume 2) issue 6

Written and drawn by various creators

Cover art byJake One and Jake “Two” Bresanello
Cover art remix by Owen Heitmann
Fist Full Of Comics logo designed by Clare Oakes

Rated T for Teen+ audiences. This issue contains strong language, nudity and sexual references and is recommended for maturer readers

Genre: Anthology, various
Size: A5
Page count: 36 pages plus covers
B&W/greyscale interior pages with colour covers

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Six and out! The sixth and final issue of Fist Full Of Comics volume two returns to its roots and features solely South Australian contributors (plus Victoria’s Ian C. Thomas, who is an honorary Adelaidean after appearing in all six issues). The centre-spread comics poem is Nipper Heroes 14/11/2009, by Robin Tatlow-Lord.


Damn. (one page)

By Nick Skeer

True Confusions Presents: UFO Uknow? (six pages)

By Dave Hodson

Run Cracker Run (three pages)

By Jake “Two” Bresanello

Kitten (one page)

By Sione Bouts

It Always Starts In A Bar (two pages)

By Erin McGregor

Last Of My (K)ind (two pages)

By K

Salem Limerick (one page)

By Catherine Brittle (writer) and Loren Morris (artist)

Nipper Heroes 14/11/2009 (two pages)

By Robin Tatlow-Lord

Coelacanth (one page)

By Ian C. Thomas

Last Time (one page)

By Sione Bouts

Beach Bums (three pages)

By Maree Mogg

“When Her Partner Disengaged Himself, She Looked Up at Him in Wonder Trying to Recall His Name; and He Looked Down at Her, Smiling With Tender Understanding of the State of Tearful Gratitude to Which He Believed He Had Brought Her.” (Toni Morrison) (six pages)

By Simon Gray (writer, flashback artist) and Owen Heitmann (artist)

Oz Zombie: News Flash (two pages)

By Darren Koziol

Lazer Cat (one page)

By Jake One

Louise Reads A Comic (one page)

By Greg Holfeld

The Gang’s All Here (one page)

By EvilDan

Back cover by Sarah Milne

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