Jam Comics

Written and drawn by dozens of creators, including Simon Kneebone, Greg Holfeld, Robin Tatlow-Lord, Dr Mike 2000, Don Hatcher, Georgina Chadderton, Tom Roberts, Owen Heitmann, Madeleine Karutz, Jake Holmes, Dan McGuiness and many more

Rated G for all audiences

Genre: Comedy, improv, experimental
Size: US comic book size
Page count: 32 pages plus covers
B&W/greyscale interior pages with colour covers
Cover art by Don Hatcher. Colour and design by Owen Heitmann.

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Jam Comics is an hilarious collection of improvised collaborative comics by dozens of different contributors, ranging from professional cartoonists to first-time creators!

The one- and two-page comics in this collection all began with one person writing and drawing the first row (or ‘tier’) of the page, then passing the paper to another person, who invented their own continuation for the story and filled in the next tier, and so forth. These comics were not planned or scripted beforehand. Each person was typically only allotted around thirty minutes before they had to hand the page on to the next contributor.

These comics were all created at various events organised by award-winning monthly drawing collective Comics with Friends and Strangers in Adelaide and Newcastle between 2013 and 2016.

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