Wednesday: Hourly Comics Day 2017


Wednesday: Hourly Comics Day 2017

Written, drawn and toned by Georgina Chadderton (George Rex)

Rated G for all audiences

Genre: Auto-bio
Size: A5
Page count: 16 pages plus covers
B&W interior pages with B&W covers printed on coloured card
Choice of green or yellow card cover (content identical)

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Wednesday: Hourly Comics Day 2017 is a charming diary comic that documents each waking hour in the life of cartoonist Georgina Chadderton (AKA George Rex Comics) during the day of 1 February 2017 (official Hourly Comics Day).

Georgina is a rising star of the Australian comic scene, and Wednesday is full of the adorkable humour and open-heartedness that have made her previous comics so popular (Nerd Burger called her self-published comic Harry Potter and My Childhood Obsession the second-best comic of 2016, and it was short-listed for a Ledger Award).

Perfect for fans of Lucy Knisley, Liz Prince and autobiographical comics in general!

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