Fist Full Of Comics (volume 2) issue 2

Written and drawn by various creators

Cover art by Nickas
Fist Full Of Comics logo designed by Clare Oakes

Rated T for Teen+ audiences. This issue contains strong language and is recommended for maturer readers

Genre: Anthology, various
Size: A5
Page count: 28 pages plus covers
B&W/greyscale interior pages with colour covers

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The second issue of Fist Full Of Comics volume two features return appearances by several contributors to issue 1, plus fresh talent such as Brendan Boyd and Andy McBride. There’s also a four-page jam comic by 11 creators, all under a stunning cover by Nickas! The centre-spread comics poem is Dig Your Own Grave, by Catherine Brittle and Loren Morris.


Make A Difference (two pages)

By Brendan Boyd

Fox & Hare (two pages)

By Steve Martinez

Mystery Of The Pyramids (one page)

By Benzin Bullock

That Darn Cat™®© (five pages)

By Mark Selan (writer) and Owen Heitmann (artist)

Flight (two pages)

By Nu

Dig Your Own Grave (two pages)

By Catherine Brittle (writer) and Loren Morris (artist)

Some People Need Caffeine (two pages)

By Andy McBride

Party Tricks (two pages)

By Brendan Boyd

True Things That Have Happened To My Friend Joel… (one page)

By Joel Sabadin (writer) and Sarah Milne (artist)

You Can Stand Next To Me As Long As You Don’t Talk About Ninja. (four pages)

A narrative corpse (collaborative improvised jam comic) written and drawn by Owen Heitmann, Sarah Milne, Dan McGuiness, Erin M, Simon Gray, Brendan Boyd, Lucas House, Mark Selan, Benzin Bullock, Clare Oakes and Kamal Coker

The Last Leadbeater’s Possum (one page)

By Ian C. Thomas

Inside front cover illustration (“One Of Us Could Be The Thing!”) by Benzin Bullock (writer) and Sarah Milne (artist).

Back cover (“The Suicide Prince”) by Erin M.

This issue also contains text pieces by Simon Gray (“Zine Review: Now That’s A Camera Angle”) and Owen Heitmann (“Dead Man Talking: The Narrative Corpse”).

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