Fist Full Of Comics (volume 2) issue 4

Written and drawn by various creators

Cover art by Clare Oakes
Fist Full Of Comics logo designed by Clare Oakes

Rated T for Teen+ audiences. This issue contains strong language and sexual references and is recommended for maturer readers

Genre: Anthology, various
Size: A5
Page count: 36 pages plus covers
B&W/greyscale interior pages with colour covers

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The fourth issue of Fist Full Of Comics volume two features three zombie comics, including an eight-page story by Stewart Cook and Tim Ide that acts as a standalone prequel to Dave: Zombie Hunter. Other comics included in this issue embrace parody, limericks and nonsense! The centre-spread comics poem is The Sweet Science, by Owen Heitmann.


He’s A Passenger And Should Not Be In The Team (two pages)

By Simon Gray

Operation: Gehanna (eight pages)

By Stewart Cook (writer) and Tim Ide (artist)

Tom And Goldy (one page)

By Ian C. Thomas

Joy And Tears (three pages)

By Mark Selan (writer) and Colin Wells (artist)

Wildman In Horrorscope (one page)

By Sarah Larsen (writer) and Nick Skeer (artist)

The Sweet Science (two pages)

By Owen Heitmann (poetry advice by Sarah Milne)

G.F.C. (two pages)

By Jase Harper

Role Models (four pages)

By Brendan Boyd

Life Imitating Art (one page)

By Lucas House

Oz Zombie: Barbecue (four pages)

By Darren Koziol

Zombie Limerick (one page)

By Catherine Brittle (writer) and Loren Morris (artist)

Adventures With The Dent Shures (two pages)

By Randy Leonard

Why So Serious? (one page)

By Sarah Milne

Back cover by David G. Williams.

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