Fist Full Of Comics (volume 2) issue 1

Written and drawn by various creators

Cover art by Owen Heitmann
Cover colour by Loren Morris
Fist Full Of Comics logo designed by Clare Oakes

Rated T for Teen+ audiences. This issue contains nudity and is recommended for maturer readers

Genre: Anthology, various
Size: A5
Page count: 24 pages plus covers
B&W/greyscale interior pages with colour covers

Second printing (first printing sold out)

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The first issue of Fist Full Of Comics volume two includes work by Loren Morris, Sarah Milne and Owen Heitmann, all of whom are featured in each subsequent issue. Another regular contributor, Ian C. Thomas, initiates the Fist Full Of Comics volume two tradition of having a comics poem in the centre-spread with his piece Tree. Plus half a dozen other comics and text pieces!


True Things That Have Happened To Me… 1 (one page)

By Sarah Milne

Foreplay (five pages)

By Loren Morris

Stains (two pages): “Sunglasses”, “Dreamer”, “It Tapes Two Baby!”, “Open Relationship”, “Wet”, “Where Babies Come From”

By Tim Pearson (with Steve Martinez, writer: “It Tapes Two Baby!”)

Chimney Columbo (one page)

By Dan McGuiness

Duck & Cover (one page)

By Owen Heitmann

Tree (two pages)

By Ian C. Thomas

Wildman: The Day I Became Claustrophobic (one page)

By Nick Skeer

A Brief Summary Of Twilight (five pages)

By Delta

True Things That Have Happened To Me… 2 (one page)

By Sarah Milne

An untitled comic featuring a frog (one page)

By Owen Heitmann

Back cover by Ian C. Thomas.

This issue also contains text pieces by Mark Selan (“A Brief History of Australian Comics”) and Simon Gray (“Zine Review: Blackguard #1″).

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