The Unauthorised Biography of ‘Begurk’ Bergutsson

Written and drawn by by Adam Gillespie

Rated G for all audiences

Genre: Comedy, fictional biography
Size: A5
Page count: 24 pages plus covers
B&W interior pages with colour covers

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The Unauthorised Biography of ‘Begurk’ Bergutsson tells the tragically comic or comically tragic fictional life story of the titular Begurk, from his childhood riding to school on a giant chicken to his adult career as the head of a cactus farm — thwarted at every stage of life by his nemesis: cheese!

This very funny self-contained one-shot follows Begurk from Sweden to rural South Australia as he overcomes one setback after another, culminating in a climax that is out of this world.

Adam Gillespie is a film projectionist, movie lover and comic book fan/creator. His semi-autobiographical first comic, Help! I’m A Projectionist!, was also published through Amplified Press, and is also available as a webcomic.

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