Odd Shorts

Written, drawn and coloured by Owen Heitmann (with Anna Jeavons)

Rated G for all audiences

Genre: Comedy
Size: A5
Page count: 16 pages plus covers
Full colour interior pages and covers


Odd Shorts is, as the title suggests, a full colour collection of four somewhat odd short comics, all drawn and mostly written by Owen Heitmann. Three of these stories were originally published in international comics anthologies that had little or no distribution in Australia. Only one has previously been published in colour.

“Cold Comfort” (written by Anna Jeavons) is a love story about a man and his cold sore. It was first published in Indie Comics Quarterly volume 1, ed. Crystal Ash, Spectare Creative (USA).

“Bedtime Story” includes a modern take on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It was first published (in greyscale) in Dois: Indie Comics Quarterly volume 2, ed. Crystal Ash, Spectare Creative (USA). It is newly coloured for this collection.

“Candy Vampire” is a very silly story about was a supernatural sweet-lover. It is exclusive to Odd Shorts.

“From Cage To Cage” is a paean to the power of literature. It was first published (in black and white) in Potroast – Comics issue, eds. Makyla Curtis and Ya-wen Ho, Potroast (New Zealand). It is newly coloured for this collection.

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